Les écoles

Localisation des 9 écoles primaires bénéficiant de notre aide (Épingles vertes sur la carte)
Cliquez sur les épingles de localisation pour obtenir les implantations précises

Une réflexion sur “Les écoles

  1. Mary D. Meyer 3 décembre 2011 / 01:57

    Sabaidee Greetings, Philippe, from Pakse, Laos,
    Your Organization’s impoverished rural school mission in Champaska Province, Laos PDR is very admirable. Indigo Threads, the American NGO you referred to on your website and C Laos Organization are duplicating a number of the same education support programs at many of the same area impoverished schools. As Indigo Threads has worked in this area almost exclusively for the past 7 years, it is important we discuss this matter thoroughly at our Pakse meeting on December 8, 2011 in addition to clarifying other information. We all want the best for So. Lao’s impoverished students/children, giving them a better future through education while developing their full human potential. Look forward to meeting you again and perhaps working in cooperation together for Lao’s impoverished children.
    Mary D. Meyer
    Indigo Threads/Founder/Executive Director/Project Manager
    So. Laos Education Support and Rural Village Development
    A small direct ‘hands on’ Non Profit US 501c3 Humanitarian Organization
    http://www.indigothreads.org Visit our website and blogs, too.

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