C Laos Organisation: Acting to Improve Laotian Children’s Education

C Laos is an non-profit organisation intended to improve access conditions and schooling of Laotian children by all means, including the supply of school materials.

Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world. With no sufficient financial resources, schools lack of everything: No permanent buildings, no school bus services, no canteens, no electricity and not enough school supplies… Under such poor conditions, how can fundamental learnings, such as reading and counting, be taught?

Did you know that only 1 € is  necessary to fill the school bag of a Laotian child with: 12 colored pencils, a lead pencil, a pen, 2 exercise books of 100 pages each and a ruler.

C Laos aims at improving the education of Laotian children by distributing school supplies.

C Laos has been supporting 12 primary schools located in the region of Champasak, a particularly poor rural area in Southern Laos, gathering more than 1,200 pupils.
Three missions were conducted: The first one in 2011, and the following two in 2012.

Today, C Laos relies on more than forty members and donors, of which 5 board members, as well as on a local contact in Pakse,  who handles major projects for the organisation.

If you want to help those children, and get involved in C Laos’ projects, come and join us. Fill in the following file (only in French).

Also, you can help those children by joining our Facebook Page and by talking about C LAOS to your family and friends! —————————————————————————–>

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