When an association help an other one…Thanks Kiwanis !

Hello everyone !

Today is a great day (one more!) for the C-LAOS association !

Indeed, we are pleased to announce the exceptional participation, in our work, of the association of Montauban’s Kiwanis !


Following a first contact and a presentation of our work there is almost one year, Kiwanis expressed their intention to help us as they do throughout the year to others associations.
It is this Friday, June 14, 2013, during the monthly meeting of the Kiwanis, that their promise has been realized and our President Philippe received an exceptional gift that will finance almost the entire next mission of C-LAOS!

C-LAOS can therefore consider two missions in 2013 to the delight of our 900 students spread across seven schools.

We warmly thank the Kiwanis for their generosity and we will keep you informed very quickly of the program of the fourth mission that should be made in the coming weeks, all accompanied by some pennants KIWANIS!

At very fast!

The C-LAOS :-)!

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Une réflexion sur “When an association help an other one…Thanks Kiwanis !

  1. Poupy 3 juillet 2013 / 21:40

    Merci à eux!Pour les enfants,les écoles,l’éducation,c’est la classe!Et parceque C-Laos mérite ce genre de soutien.(Sans arrière pensée ni récupération on éspère!)

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